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Alpha MeditationThe type of brainwave activity
Zen meditation and visualization are often associated with this practice.
Memory and learning enhancement, and de silva training.

Astral Projection

Brainwave technology was discovered that certain combinations of alpha and beta were effective in brainwave technology.
and theta harmonics caused the immediate transference of consciousness away
From the body.


The frequencies
Used are an excellent complement to your autogenic training. You will.
You can easily reach the passive relaxation state necessary to control your body
Autonomic nervous system controlled by your commands

Become PsychicEverybody
possesses the ability to see beyond the physical world. Some people are more able to tune in.
Unlike others.
You can now tune in automatically.
Develop psychic skills
You can do it quickly and safely.

The ability to improve psychic and clairvoyant abilities can be improved.

Chakra Tuner

Chakra Yoga is easy to master.

– Chakra tuning, chakra balancing and chakra tuning in

Save years of meditation with this harmonic system of Chakra


Instantaneous results. Feel the power.

– 100% Guaranteed

Chi EnergyStimulate
Your brain will be able to process scientifically-generated frequencies. The best

  • instantly
    increase your energy
  • create
    a measurable increase in alertness
  • massively
    improve your ability to concentrate
  • increase
    your personal power and charisma
  • supercharge
    your sex appeal
  • unblock
    your chi flow

This is a breakthrough in brainwave research. Use
Your sixth sense is a carefully researched combination of low Theta harmonics.
It can be greatly enhanced.
Harmonic is especially powerful in developing Clairvoyance.
clairaudient ability. Your ability to perceive the extraordinary will improve over time.
You and your fellow humans will feel much better.

Cure ImpotenceThe
Program works in all non-physiological impotence cases.

Combination of brainwave harmonics and NLP with superliminal suggestion

Cure InsomniaEnd
sleepless nights forever
. All
One or more of the combination therapies will help with different types of insomnia
techniques used in this program
. Combines brainwave
NLP, harmonics and superliminal suggestions techniques.

Delta MeditationInduces the awakened delta state. Ideal
For students who have more experience and are familiar with the
Feel ready to move on to the next level with the effects of awakened Theta meditation
Next step.

Endorphin ReleaseThirty patients
Binaural sessions were held at a specific frequency.
relaxation states of 80-100% after five minutes as well as improved
Pain relief. Eight patients underwent blood tests prior to and after the procedure.
sessions and showed improved beta-endorphin levels of 10-50%.

Epsilon Meditation

epsilon waves are a combination of certain binaurally generated waveforms
Brainwaves with very low frequencies They have been observed in the laboratory.
shown to:

  • Help
    coordinate left and right brain activity
  • Creating
    A-HA states
  • Induce
    very deep, advanced states of meditation
  • Create
    nirvanic and samhadhi experience
  • Lead
    to spiritual insight

Harmonic Meditation CourseThe meditation course works through the
In sequence, alpha, theta and delta levels. Each level has its own distinct characteristics.
Each has its own unique meditative characteristics. There are many things to look for.
Click on the buttons to find out more about the levels
To the right Each level can be purchased individually by using the
Similar buttons

It is believed that stimulating the growth hormone (HGH) secretion is the best way to increase levels.
Increase the production of HGH in your body Instead of introducing more HGH to the body
You can stimulate your pituitary gland for more HGH.

Hypnotic InductionExperimenting
through the whole range of alpha and theta waves (from 5 – 12
It was discovered that a combination frequency creates a consistent frequency (Hz).
It is a state of mind that is highly suggestive.
This was found to be ideal for self-hypnotic induction.

Improve CreativityThere are ways
To improve your ability create and generate new ideas. Not everyone
You can be a brilliant artist or a creative genius. It makes sense to make.
Make the most of what you have. Combines
Brainwave harmonics, NLP, and superliminal suggestions techniques.

Improve Memory

You can improve your short-term memory. This is how you can improve your short-term memory.
This will help you remember numbers, equations, and shopping
Lists, etc. for the time required to complete the task. It may be possible to do the task in a shorter time.
You may forget the information the next time it is used. You can also
Improve long-term memory retention. It can be anything,
Memorable scenes from childhood through languages and scientific data.

Improve Self ConfidenceWe
You will see significant improvements in just 3 to 4 sessions. Guaranteed
Improvements in work life, handling awkward situations, and meeting
This program increases confidence tremendously for members of the opposite gender.
quickly. Combination of brainwave harmonics and NLP with superliminal suggestion

Increase IQIt
It has been shown beyond any reasonable doubt that IQ performance is superior to other measures.
Listening to binaural sounds in the alpha range can improve test results.
A specific
Binaural frequency has been identified in the alpha spectrum as the most important.
Potent contributor to improving IQ from one test to the next.

Instant CharismaEver
Wonder how people can feel instant magnetism when they aren’t there?
why. This program will allow you to project the same charisma. This program is available to purchase
Program and everyone will be able to tell when you enter the room.
Brainwave harmonics, NLP, and superliminal suggestions techniques are all available.

Instant MeditationExperimenting
through the whole range of alpha waves (from 8 – 12 Hz) it was found
that a combination of frequencies consistently caused a simultaneous
body and mind

Jet Lag

Melatonin is a natural
It acts as a sleep regulator and inducer. It is secreted from the pineal gland.
Night falls regulates sleep patterns. The regular cycle is
You can also find out that the production and use of melatonin has been disrupted

Lose WeightThe more you
The more you listen to the program, the healthier your diet will be. The weight
Loss will occur naturally. Almost 100% success rate to date.

Combination of brainwave harmonics and NLP with superliminal suggestion

Lucid DreamingGet
You have control over your dream world. now.

The secret to programming lucid dreams every night is:

Any personal fantasies in total sensory detail and safety.

The virtual world without any complicated and
High-end machinery.

You can fly anywhere you like in the world, or the other way around.

You can be great at any task by sleeping in.

Magickal FocusYou listen to the Magickal Focus
You can listen to frequencies using headphones or stereo speakers. This can be done at
You can also practice your spells or rituals at the same time. The frequencies
You can use the frequencies to help you focus your vibration and resonance. Frequency helps to
Increase and direct your energy to achieve your goals

Mood Enhancer

It has been demonstrated that certain brainwave frequencies within the theta range are associated with certain brainwave frequencies
It can balance natural serotonin levels.
The exact theta is created by the downloadable serotonin binaural audio music suite
Brainwave frequencies are required to balance serotonin levels.

OM Harmonic

To generate sine waves, calibrated frequency generators were used
Different frequencies are present in each ear.

OM harmonic actually refers to a frequency that is very similar to the basic vibrational
Frequency of the Earth.

Out of Body Experience

We believe the
OOBE is an advanced form for astral projection. It is possible to
Translocation of the entire secondary body, rather than just the mind
projection. OOBE is a common example.
Physical body in the same position as when you left it.

Pain Manager

Our product
It combines three biochemical methods to pain relief

Important factor is that we use binaural sounds frequencies
To encourage the body’s production of its own biochemical.

Past Life RegressionExperimenting
through the whole range of alpha and theta waves (from 5 – 12
It was discovered that these frequencies caused a consistent complete
A shift in consciousness results in a stream imagery. The
Image stream contains images and elements from past lives.

Power Nap

While the
Researchers find that super-achievers are often out for their coffee breaks.
Real achievers say they have found a more efficient ‘pause that works’.
refreshes’–the power nap.

PrecognitionThis is an amazing breakthrough in
Brainwave research. Use the little-known ‘Tesla resonance.
Supplemented with carefully chosen Theta- and Alpha harmonics
The ability to see the future clearly can be greatly enhanced.

Remote ViewingIt has been found that the phenomena of
Remote viewing and Psychometry appear to be especially enhanced by this method
The middle range contains alpha frequencies. Certain
This can be further enhanced by adding beta harmonics to alpha frequencies.

ShamanThis is an advanced meditation.
Most people fall asleep when they use theta or delta/epsilon-entrainment.
The key to a deep sleep/awake state is maintaining a high level of consciousness.
success with this program

Sleep Reducer

To deepen your sleep, you can use the frequencies for a longer period of time.
cycles. This results in a better quality sleep and less waking.
Through the night. Your sleep needs can be reduced to as low as 6
Hours per day, or less

Speed LearningIt
is claimed that by using certain frequencies we can at least double our ability to learn new
material. This learning ability can sometimes be multiplied with a
Factor of ten.

Stop Any Habit

Forming a bad
Habit is simple. Many people don’t realize that creating a healthy habit is easy.
Habit is as simple as it gets.
Habits can be reinforced with your
Every day we take action, whether for good or ill. The more powerful an action, the better
The more powerful the habituation,
Combines brainwave
harmonics, NLP and superliminal suggestion techniques

Stop SmokingGiving
It is not easy to quit smoking.
first important step in that process –

You’re considering giving up.
Combines brainwave
harmonics, NLP and superliminal suggestion techniques and works
at astonishing speed

Stress Relief Experimenting through the whole range of
alpha waves (from 8 – 12 Hz) it was found that a combination of
Frequency frequencies have always caused spontaneous relaxation of the mind.

TelepathyThis is an amazing breakthrough in brainwave
research. Use the little-known ‘Schumann resonance (the earths)
Natural field resonance) is supplemented with carefully selected Theta
Harmonics can improve your ability to understand and send thoughts.
Significantly improved.

Theta Meditation

Induces theta
wave activity within 10 minutes. Measured by

The type of brainwave activity
Astral projection, remote viewing, past are all commonly associated with it.
Life regression and psychic activity.

Tinnitus Master

Audio habituation alone can treat some types of tinnitus. It is possible.
The use of the full spectrum will provide temporary relief in most cases.
Scientifically, low-impact noise is scientifically proven to be audio.
Habituation is a treatment for tinnitus.
Our specially developed Tinnitus
will reduce
your symptoms
quickly . Over time your tinnitus could be

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